Litzer & Proofreader Totals

Litzer Totals

In the spirit of friendly competition, I've listed below the current total of litzed pre-Shortzian puzzles that each litzer has sent in.  Barry Haldiman and his former team of litzers held the all-time record, with 1,259 litzed puzzles (79 of which were litzed by Denny Baker, who subsequently resumed litzing, so these 79 were subtracted from the Barry et al. total).  Mark Diehl passed him during the October 2012 litzing contest;  I came in a distant second, with 253, until I was passed by Mark Diehl, Andrew Feist, Jeffrey Krasnick, and Nancy Kavanaugh.  Then I caught up (somewhat!), and Howard Barkin, Denny Baker, and Martin Herbach soared into the litzing stratosphere!  Mark Diehl now holds the record for the most litzed puzzles and is followed by Barry Haldiman, Nancy Kavanaugh, Jeffrey Krasnick, Denny Baker, Howard Barkin, and Ralph Bunker.

Any and all litzing contributions help, from 1 to more than 4,000!  Thanks so much, everyone—great job!

Mark Diehl:  4,419
Barry Haldiman et al.:  1,433
Nancy Kavanaugh:  1,205
Jeffrey Krasnick:  1,002
Denny Baker:  973
Howard Barkin:  956
Ralph Bunker:  872
David Steinberg:  638
Martin Herbach:  590
Andrew Feist:  458
Vic Fleming:  388
Todd Gross:  290
Lynn Feigenbaum:  274
Todd McClary:  261
Mike Buckley:  256
Robert W. Jones:  212
Joe Cabrera:  201
Angela Halsted:  199
Alex Vratsanos:  152
Andrew Laurence:  148
C. G. Rishikesh:  141
Doug Peterson:  134
Tom Pepper:  116
John Farmer:  77
Brian Kulman:  68
Stephen Edward Anderson:  67
Jeffrey Harris:  57
Peter Broda:  56
Susan O'Brien:  55
Tracy Bennett:  49
Ed Sessa:  42
Barry Silk:  39
Brad Wilber:  36
Dan Schoenholz:  33
Anonymous:  24
Brian Tyler:  23
Beth Welsh:  20
Mangesh Ghogre:  19
Sean Dobbin:  18
Jim Horne:  10
John Bulten (tie):  7
Garrett Hildebrand (tie):  7
Parker Lewis (tie):  7
Greg Johnson:  6
Andrew Reynolds (tie):  5
Larry Wasser (tie):  5
Kristena Bergen:  3
Martin Ashwood-Smith (tie):  2
Roy Leban (tie):  2
George Barany (tie):  1
Michael Blake (tie):  1
Jeff Chen (tie):  1
Jon Delfin (tie):  1
Patrick Merrell (tie):  1
Matthew Mitchell (Braze; tie):  1
Adam Nicolle (tie):  1
Spencer Pasero (tie):  1
Mel Rosen (tie):  1
Matt Skoczen (tie):  1
Stephanie Spadaccini (tie):  1
Finn Vigeland (tie):  1
Bryan Young (tie):  1

Proofreader Totals

The fall 2014 Pre-Shortzian Proofreading Challenge was so successful that I decided to continue the proofreaders' "found mistakes" totals.  The tallies below are the total number of mistakes proofreaders who choose to tally mistakes have found between September 1, 2014, and when the proofreading was completed in June 2015.  Not all proofreaders count or continued counting the mistakes, and thousands of uncounted mistakes were found by proofreaders before September 1, 2014.

Mark Diehl:  2,064
Todd Gross:  1,495
Howard Barkin:  345
Dave Phillips:  225
Anonymous:  98
Tracy Bennett:  92
Patsy Stewart:  83
Wei-Hwa Huang:  65

As of June 29, 2015, all the available puzzles were proofread.  Although running tallies of proofreaders' totals weren't kept (so there wouldn't be a proofing race through the puzzles!), in August I calculated those totals, which appear below.  Note that Kristena Bergen's total does not include the final check of all puzzles from 1942 through approximately 1990, during which all the clues for each puzzle were quickly reread and formats were standardized for XWord Info; also, the totals come to more than the available puzzles because some puzzles were proofread by two different proofreaders.

Mark Diehl:  6,290
Kristena Bergen:  4,408
Todd Gross:  2,256
Denny Baker:  1,300
Howard Barkin:  609
Tracy Bennett:  538
Barry Haldiman:  248
Dave Phillips:  207
David Steinberg:  99
Beth Welsh:  96
Larry Wasser:  65
Wei-Hwa Huang:  41
Jeffrey Krasnick:  30
Patsy Stewart:  24

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