Friday, August 2, 2013

Over 10,700, August Litzer of the Month Joe Cabrera, and Eliot Kieval Finds Article on Eugene T. Maleska and Poem to Margaret Farrar

We're making great progress—this week, we passed the 10,700 mark!  On Saturday, Todd McClary sent in 7 puzzles, then Mark Diehl sent in 5 more.  Sunday morning, another 7 came in from Denny Baker.  Then Sunday evening, Mark sent in 28 more.  Early Monday morning, 7 came in from Jeffrey Krasnick; Monday night, Todd Gross sent in 10 more proofread puzzles, and a short while later, Tracy Bennett sent in another proofread month of puzzles.  Wednesday morning, Nancy Kavanaugh sent in 14 puzzles; 7 more came in Wednesday night from Mike Buckley, and then 28 more from Mark, putting us over 10,700!  Thursday morning, Mark sent in another 13 puzzles.  The grand total of newly litzed puzzles for the week was 116—terrific job, everybody!  It won't be long before we're at 11,000!

We're also in a new month, and the August Litzer of the Month is OCR whiz and comics fan Joe Cabrera (who, incidentally, has an awesome cartoon head picture that accompanies all his e-mails!)!  To read more about Joe, click here or on the Litzer of the Month tab above.

Recently I received an e-mail from solver Eliot Kieval, who wrote that he had found two items he thought might interest me.  The first was an old New York Times article about Eugene T. Maleska having received a promotion at his job; although Maleska had already had crosswords published in the Times, he was not yet the editor.  Here is the article:

© The New York Times, September 15, 1962

The second item Eliot found was a letter to the editor of the New York Times Sunday Magazine in poem form after Margaret Farrar's retirement.  Here is that letter:

© The New York Times, January 26, 1969
That was hilarious—thanks so much again for passing these along, Eliot!

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  1. I have remembered the delightful Margaret Farrar retirement poem all these years. I hoped eventually someone would find and post it. Happy day!