Thursday, September 27, 2012

Poll Results and Teasers

The results of our first poll, which asked litzers how long it took them to litz an individual daily puzzle, are in!  Of the seven litzers who responded, four (57%) take 10–20 minutes to litz a daily puzzle, two (28%) take 20–30 minutes, and one (14%) takes more than 30 minutes.  Although this poll had a small number of respondents, it still produced interesting results.  Thanks to everyone who voted!

A new poll, which asks readers which pre-Shortzian editor they think published the best crosswords, is now up.  So far Will Weng is in the lead—be sure to vote if you have an opinion!

In the next day or two I'll be featuring a short interview I conducted with Manny Nosowsky.  I had fun coming up with questions and reading his answers!

I'm  also working on a Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project T-shirt design, which I'll be posting then as well.  There will be at least two opportunities to win a free T-shirt in the near future—more details soon!

1 comment:

  1. I'm the slowpoke who takes longer than 30 minutes per puzzle. My typing speed is fine, the reason I go so slow is (1) I double and triple-check before submitting, and (2) I often look things up if I don't know them (like toxophilite for archer), and with ETM, there's often a lot I don't know in the puzzles.