Thursday, October 25, 2012

Litzing Contest Update and Rules Clarification

As we near the end of the litzing contest (see the new countdown gadget above the litzing thermometer), the competition between the top six or seven litzers has gotten much more intense!  The top three litzers remain the same, though their totals have increased dramatically:  Mark Diehl has litzed a whopping 220 puzzles this month; Jeffrey Krasnick, 94; and Bob Jones, 75.  C. G. Rishikesh has litzed just four puzzles less than Bob, and Nancy Kavanaugh and Andrew Laurence aren't too far behind.  As predicted, we passed the 5,000 mark very early on in the week—we're now closing in on 5,100!

Some questions about the contest rules have come up, so I'll try to clarify everything below:
  • You can ask for as many packets as you want and think you can litz by the deadline, and you can request additional packets before you've finished the ones you have so that you always have a backlog of packets readily available.
  • Packets can be submitted one at a time or more than one at a time, and you can submit them whenever you want (though they need to arrive by the deadline to be counted in the contest).
  • If you submit multiple packets at the same time, each packet needs to be complete—you can't save the Sunday puzzles until after the contest. ;)
  • If you're partway through the last packet you plan on submitting as part of the contest, you can submit just the puzzles you've completed from that packet.  So if you have a packet that contains a Sunday puzzle but you only have time left to litz the Monday through Saturday puzzles, you can send just those in (or however many you have—it can be less than six).
  • All puzzles received before midnight Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, October 31, will be included in the totals.  (If any puzzles are incomplete, though—missing grids, information fields, multiple clues, etc.—they won't be counted.)  I'll use the date and time Gmail gives me for your e-mail to determine whether puzzles came in before the deadline.  Please keep in mind that e-mail isn't always instantaneous and try to allow enough time for it to arrive by the deadline—also, be sure to remember to attach your puzzles to the e-mail!
  • October 31 is a school night for me, so I won't be up when the contest ends.  I get up early, though, and will try to update the totals the morning of November 1.  If I'm not able to, I'll update them later that day.
  • In the case of ties, all litzers in the top three positions will win free T-shirts.  So, for instance, if two or more people are tied for third place, all will get T-shirts.
  • Winners will be contacted after the contest ends, and the T-shirt order will be placed as soon as possible thereafter.  The T-shirts will be shipped to me, and then I'll ship them out individually to the winners and to everyone who has placed an order.  Updates about the status of the T-shirts (when the order has been placed, when I've received the T-shirts, when the individual shirts have been shipped out, etc.) will be posted on this site.
Good luck, everybody—and great job!

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